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10 Wix Marketing Integrations to Boost Your Site’s Performance

No matter if you are planning to create a website or already have one, promoting it is probably a priority for you. Because of this, digital marketing should be at the forefront of your thinking. It’s a field that’s always changing, which is why it’s important that you stay in the know and up-to-date on the latest tools available for you.

If you’re searching for the right mix to add to your website, look no further than this list. With Wix marketing integrations, you have everything you need to get your site out into the world, from measuring the results of your online campaigns to collecting information about your visitors’ behavior and so much more.

Here are the best Wix marketing integrations to add to your website:


Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel


Google Ads

Yandex Metrica





Hubspot is an inbound marketing and sales tool that allows you to handle your social media marketing, content management, website analytics, SEO and so much more in one place. Now it’s easier than ever to implement the Hubspot tracking pixel on your website to start tracking visitor activities and receive an array of other useful customer-based insights.

One perk of using Wix and Hubspot together is how easy it is to generate leads with Hubspot Popups and Livechat, as well as Wix Forms - all without a single line of code. Furthermore, your contacts are automatically synced to Hubspot’s CRM. This exposes you to in-depth knowledge about your current and prospective customers: what pages they viewed, which forms they submitted, and what products or services they looked at.

To get started, create a Hubspot account if you don’t already have one. Then, install the app. Finally, with just the click of a button, add the hubspot tracking code to your Wix website using the link provided below.

Get started: Add Hubspot to your Wix website


With Google Analytics, you can track everything related to website traffic with the expansive amount of useful visitor insights it provides to you. By specifically connecting it to your Wix website, you’ll be able to see the total number of site visitors and page views you’ve obtained, where they are coming from, how long they are sticking around, and what keywords they used to get to your site. Imagine the possibilities available to you after retrieving this data.

Before you add it your website though, you’ll need to create a Google Analytics account and retrieve your tracking code. Afterwards, paste that code into the ‘Connect Google Analytics’ section under ‘Marketing Integrations’ in your Wix website manager.

Get started: Add Google Analytics to your Wix website


If you have an eCommerce website, one of the best ways to perfect your advertising efforts is through Facebook Pixel. Even before you schedule an ad campaign, you should start using this marketing resource. Why? Because it begins collecting intelligent data about your website visitors immediately. This information will allow you to build your best possible custom audience and a smart remarketing audience, track general or specific conversion events, and perform ad retargeting.

By connecting it your Wix website, you’ll also see when a site visitor has viewed a product page, added a product to their cart, and completed a purchase. In order to do so, first create a Facebook Pixel, then follow the guided instructions here. Still want to know more? Browse this guide to Facebook Pixel.

Get started: Add Facebook Pixel to your Wix website

This marketing automation platform is one of the best tools out there for email marketing. It’s easy-to-use, customizable, and provides top insights for you. One of its most remarkable features is the ability to turn an email campaign into a social post. Another one is the segmentation of your campaigns to target only specific people based on their behaviors.

We have good news too: It works hand in hand with your website. This Wix and Mailchimp duo begins when you connect Mailchimp to your website’s Contacts, as you’ll be able to start sending even better targeted emails. All you have to do is click ‘connect contacts’ within the Mailchimp Marketing Integration of your Wix site. This action will pull the first name, last name, and email address of each of your site’s contacts.

Get started: Add Mailchimp to your Wix website


This is a remarketing tool, meaning that it allows you to target an audience who has already visited your website in the past. With Google Ads, you’ll be able to start reaching that audience better through advertising to them based on their location and other requirements you set. You can also completely customize your ads starting from your message in the text and photo down to the budget you choose to spend.

In summary, by connecting this marketing tool to your website, you can start reaching customers who are actually searching for what your business offers. Begin the process by retrieving your Google Ads tag ID, then simply integrate Wix and Google Ads by adding it to your site under ‘Connect Google Ads’ in the ‘Marketing Integrations’ section.

Get started: Add Google Ads to your Wix website


Yandex Metrica is a website analytics tool that helps your evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns. This is done through building reports and recording sessions of your site visitors’ behaviors. You’ll be able to see exactly where customers are coming from, be it the traffic source or type of device. You’ll also see their age range, time spent on your site, bounce rate, and so much more useful information. You can even watch live video recordings of browsing experiences to really put yourself in the mindset of your visitors.

When you connect Yandex to your site, it becomes ever so simple to track your visitor activity. As with most of the other Wix marketing tools mentioned in this article, you’ll be ready to go in just two steps. First, retrieve your Yandex Metrica code. Second and finally, add it your website within this tool’s section of the ‘Marketing Integrations’ page.

Get started: Add Yandex Metrica to your Wix website


07. Privy

For online store and website owners, this marketing resource is a must to drive sales.

Their promises include growing your mailing list, reducing cart abandonment rate, and driving repeat sales. This is achieved using highly targeted onsite popups, banners, bars and more, as well as triggered email marketing campaigns.

To start turning your site visitors into customers, create a Privy account. Then, you’ll be able to retrieve your Privy code and add it to your Wix website under the ‘Marketing Integrations’ section.

Get started: Add Privy to your Wix website


08. VWO

VWO, or ‘Visual Web Optimizer,’ is a marketing resource used for improving your engagement, discovering insights about your customers, and testing out ideas. This is the result of many experimentation processes you can utilize such as A/B testing. For your website, A/B testing refers to comparing two versions of a webpage to see which one performs better. VWO specifically uses this information for tracking sales, conversions, and more.

Add this feature to your website and start understanding your visitors’ decisions and behaviors. Begin by creating your VWO account, then add and verify your ID in the ‘Marketing Integrations’ section of your Wix site.

Get started: Add VWO to your Wix website


Here’s another website optimization tool that does an excellent job of diving deep into a user’s experience on your website. Through heatmaps, session recordings, and A/B testing, you’ll be able to make sure that your CTAs are actually working, reorganize and prioritize content, identify website glitches, and the list goes on.

The process is the same as the other marketing tools listed above when it comes to combining Crazy Egg and Wix. Create your user account, than easily add your account ID to your Wix site under ‘Marketing Integrations.’

Get started: Add Crazy Egg to your Wix website


10. Hotjar

Visualize the behavior of your site visitors with Hotjar. This is another marketing resource offering heatmaps, along with many other analytical components. For heatmaps, see deep insights such as how far along the average visitor scrolled on your site, split the records by device type, and even download them to share with others. Hotjar also has a conversion funnel allowing you to have access to which pages are causing visitors to leave or convert to customers. Also analyze your website forms and more.

The list of extensive opportunities for analysis and improvement are available once you connect Hotjar to your website. Begin by creating a Hotjar account. Then, obtain and save your tracking code. Enter this code into the ‘Connect Hotjar’ area of the ‘Marketing Integrations’ section on your website.

Get started: Add Hotjar to your Wix website

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