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19 Must-See Website User Stats [2019 Infographic]

The world of website creation is growing every year at a very fast pace. As a matter of fact, whether you built it yourself or hired a designer, chances are that you already have one - or are considering learning how to create a website.

Within this realm, there is an extremely wide range of uses that we can categorize into distinct trends. It’s apparent that certain places and times are more popular for editing websites than others. And while there is always at least one website builder and web design trend continuously winning over the market, others are less predictable and change year over year.

Looking back to the most recent data, you’ll see exactly that evolution represented below. Whether you’re an expert in need of insightful and fresh data about your industry, or simply curious about the fast evolution of the Internet, these exclusive website user statistics will give you a complete picture of the current state of website creation.

They are definitely worth your time to browse and share.


Website statistics worldwide

01. Total global website building market value: ֿ$300 billion+**

02. There are approximately 350 million existing active domains in the world**

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Popular U.S. locations for website creation

03. Top five cities overall for website creation:*

(highest number of websites created overall by city)

New York City

Los Angeles




04. Top five cities per capita for website creation:*

(highest ratio of websites created per population for cities with over one million residents)

San Jose





05. Hollywood has the most productive weekends.

There are an average of seven site edits per user during Saturday and Sunday.*

The best time for site creation

06. New year’s resolutions met:

46% more websites were created the week after the new year than the week before it.*

07. April showers bring websites to life:

The most popular day of the year to create a website was April 30th.*

08. Independence day is for picnics, not computers:

The least popular day of the year to create a website was July 4th.*

09. Mid-week motivation:

Most websites are created on Tuesdays (17%).*

10. Weekends are for snoozing:

The least websites are created on Saturdays (10%).*

11. ‘Late risers’ are in fact the most productive:

The most websites are created in the afternoon between 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (36%).*

12. ‘Night owls’ are less common:

The least websites are created at night between 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. (7%).*

Breaking the record

13. Top 15 fastest U.S. cities to publish websites*





San Francisco

Las Vegas

Los Angeles



San Jose


New York




Most common types of sites

14. The top eight most common type of businesses who created websites:*

Art & Design

Health & Beauty

Business Services

Home & Garden


Shopping & Retail (with an eCommerce website)

Science & Technology

Community & Government

15. 14% of sites created are one-page websites, while the other 86% are multi-page websites.*

Building the best experience

16. 49% of websites include a live chat option.*

17. 12% of websites add a blog.*

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18. Listen to your customers: 38% of visitors stop engaging on websites with unattractive content and layouts.

To prevent this, consider improving your layout with these website design tips.

19. Include images and videos: 65% of visual content is recalled by site visitors nearly 3 days after seeing it.

*For more informations take a look to this stunning article

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