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30+ Simple Website Templates to Kick-Start Your Website Creation

Working in a limitless environment can be great. But sometimes, we end up getting lost in the vast possibilities, wasting endless amounts of time on thoughts and deliberations. Thankfully, when it comes to creating a website, we’re blessed with little guardian angels that come in the form of website templates. These exist to keep us on the right track and provide us with a starting point from which we can leap, skip and ultimately - create striking designs. Whether you’re crafting a website for your pilates practice, or an online store for your fashion line, a website template will help accelerate your process and ensure a professional result. A template comes fully functioning from the get-go, ready for you to customize and tailor to your needs in line with your unique brand identity. With powerful design effects and a masterfully crafted structure that you can play around with, the templates below will set you on the path to creating a website that will attract and engage your audience. When choosing the best template for your website, look for one that speaks your language and already gives off a similar vibe to your brand. Check out the available options and determine whether their overall structure and layout can fit your needs. Do you need a simple one-page website, or does your content require multiple pages? Should the first thing your visitors see be a fullscreen video, or a small slideshow gallery? Once you’ve found the right template for you and your biz, you can fully customize it to your needs. Add your own images, buttons and text, as well as resizing and moving elements around. Perfect the fine details by testing out different font pairings and finding a fitting website color scheme for your brand. To set you off on your journey, browse this selection of free simple website templates by Wix to pick the right one for you: Dog Apparel Shop Template

This chic online store template is right on trend, with its asymmetrical design and thick border that stays put while you scroll. The clean and spacious layout gives it an air of a boutique store, conveying quality and elegance. If you’re a store owner of any kind, you can use this template’s split-screen layout on the top fold to show off your best products. Lead your site visitors directly to the most important page with a call-to-action button that stands out immediately upon entering your website. The template comes complete with all the pages you’ll need, including a store, size guide, ‘About’ section and contact page. Each of these pages has been expertly designed, ensuring they all follow the same visual language. An extra feature that your customers will enjoy is Wix Chat, a tool that enables your visitors to contact you instantly. Business Coach Template
If you’re a coach, consultant or advisor, this template is the ideal foundation for a professional site. The design is minimalistic, creating a sense of space and putting the emphasis on the content, without any distractions. Right at the top is a large area for you to grab visitors’ attention with a bold and powerful mission statement. You can also add an image of yourself to make it feel more personal and relatable. The website navigation is simple, with a sticky menu bar at the top, meaning that it stays in place wherever your visitors are situated on your site. This makes navigating your website clear and easy. Most of the content is on the same page, clearly split up into sections using large blocks of color. With such a crisp, thought-out design, all that’s left for you to do is adapt the text and images and make small adjustments to truly make it your own. Kids Apparel Template
This eCommerce template brings together fashion and fun, making it a perfect choice for a variety of store types, from clothing to accessories and more. The full-width slideshow image gallery gives you the chance to put your products in the spotlight, by picking out a few of your most striking shots. Select additional pieces to showcase further down on the homepage, such as sale items or your new spring collection. Your customers will enjoy a comfortable and satisfying experience while shopping, thanks to the efficient store page. Visitors will be able to easily filter your products according to pre-set parameters like price, color and size. They can also sign up to receive updates and newsletters, as well as view promotions on the website’s top banner, easily access your social channels, and get in touch with you via the chat option. Flower Shop Template
Here’s another simple website template for store owners. Make the most of your product photography skills and fill your background with a gorgeous shot that encapsulates your brand. This template gives you the option to place a strong statement at the top, while directing your customers straight to your store with a call-to-action button. You’ll find that the store already includes all the elements you need, packaged into a clean, inviting design. For an added wow effect, use hover boxes to show visitors more of each product. If your business also offers courses or workshops, you can use Wix Bookings to showcase your services and manage your bookings, from the scheduling right to the final payment. As it’s already built-in to this template, all you’ll have to do is customize the design and settings to fit your visual language. Architecture Photography Template
This striking portfolio template is a great choice for creatives who want to showcase their works online. Whether you’re a designer, photographer or illustrator, the large gallery on the homepage will enable you to put your work in the forefront. A hamburger icon (made up of three horizontal lines) in the right-hand corner opens up into a clean and stylish fullscreen menu. As well as the hamburger menu, your site visitors will also be able to navigate via the gallery on the homepage. Organize and label your projects, picking an image to represent each one. The inner pages of your site will present your visuals in their best light, using an asymmetrical image-based grid layout. Wedding Photography Template
If you want to create a free photography website, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your specialty lies in landscape photography or gorgeous wedding shots, this photography portfolio template includes everything you’ll need for a professional online presence. Entice potential customers with a powerful image on the top fold, and clearly state your name and specialty above it. Using the Wix Pro Gallery, this template displays sharp, high-quality images in a stylish asymmetrical grid. You’ll be able to play around with different layouts, selecting which shots you want to emphasize by making them larger than the others. Enable easy social sharing for each image, so that your fans can share the love. Yoga on Demand Template
Videos are now more popular than ever, adding a dynamic touch to our websites and helping to convey information in an engaging way. This template, aimed at online sports instructors and fitness communities, utilizes the power of video with a looped fullscreen video that sets the right tone right away. You can also use Wix Video anywhere on your website to easily upload and manage your video content, sync with your YouTube feed and track your stats. If you’re looking for a web design touch that’s a little different, check out the floating pop-up menu on this template. It offers a welcome alternative to the classic navigation bar, and enables you to customize the colors and icons, truly making this template your own. Hiphop Artist Template
Whether you’re a music producer, solo singer, DJ or band, you’ll want to create a site that speaks your language at first glance. This template lets you set the tone by placing a large fullscreen image on the top fold. With parallax scrolling, an intriguing effect is accomplished as visitors scroll down the screen. Any important news can also be announced on the top fold, such as the release of new tracks or tour dates. In this template, the simple navigation is in the form of a classic floating menu, so your fans can easily discover your music. Each page combines videos with music tracks that you can play, share and purchase, as well as designated spaces for textual content like quotes, lyrics and descriptions. Pop One Pager Template
If you’re creating a music website, you’ll no doubt want to put your music front and center. This simple website template does just that. Made up of one long-scrolling page, it places all the most crucial info right at the top. There’s a clean yet edgy background to ensure your header text stands out. You can upload your own background image to reflect your unique style. With a little help from Wix Music, you’ll be able to share and sell your tunes directly from your site, as well as track your stats and see your music being heard around the globe. This template also includes a built-in bookings system, so that you can promote tour dates and let your fans order tickets online. Creative Director Template
Looking for a striking design that will wow even your most expert audiences? Look no further. This template, built with creative directors, artists and designers in mind, uses bold colors and sharp geometric shapes for a cutting-edge look. The images showcased on the homepage vary in layout, keeping things fresh and engaging. The menu is seamlessly integrated into the design, offering an exciting navigation experience. Instead of leading you to a new page, clicking on the menu items opens up a pop-up box that slides in effortlessly. This creates an interesting composition and a chance to experiment with colors, as you can match your main background color with your menu bar’s hue. Industrial Design Studio Template
If you’re a professional in the creative field, this website template could be the one for you. Perfect for a personal or brand portfolio, the design is intriguing throughout every detail, despite the predominantly black and white color scheme. It’s in line with many of today’s biggest website design trends, such as prominent text, oversized icons and thin delicate lines. These elements are merged together to create an aesthetic contrast. The spacious grid on the homepage gives you the layout you need to showcase your best images, along with large text to describe your work. Subtly bring more focus to your company’s name with the animated header, as well as placing your contact details and social links right at the top of the page. The large hamburger menu opens out into a fullscreen dropdown menu, enabling simple navigation. Poke Restaurant Template
Full of bright colors and micro-animations that add a sense of professionalism, this template is brimming with character. As a restaurant owner, you’ll most likely want to put your food in the forefront on your restaurant website. This template does just that, with a vivid fullscreen shot that greets you upon entering the site. If that isn’t enough to get your visitors drooling, there’s an additional gallery below where you can show off with more appetizing stills or GIFs. With your dishes displayed in all their glory, your visitors are about to get hungry. Why not let your customers enjoy convenient online ordering? This template makes it especially easy to take orders online, so that your site visitors will have the smoothest user experience. Fish & Seafood Restaurant Template
If you’re a chef, culinary expert or restaurant owner with a touch of modern chic, this template offers a great way to express your unique character and draw in potential customers. The design conveys a hip vibe with its spacious layout, layered elements and differently sized images. The use of illustrations also adds a nice touch. You can add your own illustrations, icons and logos by selecting your favorite out of a vast collection of vector art. A fascinating contrast is created between the crisp contemporary images and the more traditional serif typeface (meaning that each letter or symbol has a small line or stroke attached to it, such as in the classic Times New Roman). Subtle animations are used around the site, making text and images fade and glide in, creating an overall smooth browsing experience. Modern Hotel Template
Whether you’re the owner of an urban hotel, guest house, boutique hotel or hostel, this template is ideal for attracting potential guests. Its inviting fullscreen slideshow gallery on the first page is bound to get site visitors excited about their vacation right away. You can add any important details regarding your rooms, amenities and events, to give your visitors the full picture. What’s more is that customers have the option to quickly and easily book their stay from the homepage, using Wix’s online booking system. For you, that means the option to manage your reservations, accept payments, send instant confirmation emails to guests, and more. For your guests, it means a smooth and satisfactory travel experience. Tropical Villa Rental Template
What better way to lure in potential customers than with stunning photos of your holiday resort, and a spot-on hotel website to match? This template includes everything you’ll need to create a welcoming site for your hotel, B&B or villa rental business. The spacious layout, along with the soothing shade of blue and elegant typography make for an overall luxurious feel. The large slideshow images of the accommodation and surrounding area will give your site visitors a glimpse into what awaits, enticing them to come and stay. All you need to do is customize the room booking section, images and text, and you’re good to go. Tech Conference Landing Page Template
Planning an event, conference or summit? This landing page template is ideal for a professional or tech-oriented event, with its elegant design. Everything your attendees will need can be easily found on this template, from details on the speakers, to the event’s agenda, the location and how to purchase tickets. Customize the background image to fit your event’s theme and use the large text to clearly summarize what it’s all about. While you can edit the written copy on the call-to-actions, the template already includes large buttons that stand out against the other elements and draw visitors’ eyes to the most crucial details. Visitors can easily purchase tickets directly on the site, due to the integration of Wix Events into the template. Baby Shower Template
If you’re organizing a birthday party, baby shower or any other kind of fun gathering of friends and family, this gorgeous template could be right up your street. It has a cute and friendly feel, thanks to the warm pastel color palette and illustration style. All the elements you’ll need are already included, such as the location, time and option to RSVP. There’s also a sticky menu so that your guests can easily navigate around your site. Make this template your own by adding in your special event’s details. You can also adapt the imagery to fit your needs by uploading your own files or browsing Wix’s free collection of images and illustrations. Professor Template
This website template is for professors, public speakers, writers and anyone else who wants to share their resume and research online in a professional, succinct design. It’s structured in a way that enables you to provide an introduction about yourself on the first page, plus share your research, publications, blog and more using an assortment of videos, images and layouts. In the ‘About’ page, consider adding a downloadable file of your CV. The template also comes complete with a store section so that you can sell your publications, making the most of your online presence. There’s also an events page, allowing site visitors to keep up to date with any lectures, conferences or tours that you’re involved in. Curriculum Vitae Template
Here’s a classic online resume website that balances a professional look with a playful one. This simple website template for beginners will draw attention to your skills and past experiences, as well as present any of your past projects. The color scheme and use of circles throughout the website express a friendly tone, while the clean and organized design, maintains an air of professionalism. Customize the resume section by adding in your own details. You can also adapt the design to make it express your style and personality. Upload a photo of yourself for the homepage and write a few sentences about yourself to get started. Style & Design Blog Template
If you’re starting your own blog, this blog template is a great place from which to begin your journey. Created especially for people in the design, fashion or styling fields, the template’s aesthetic is minimalistic, giving each element room to breathe. You can select the perfect header image to reflect what your blog is all about. Also, further down there’s an option to add your Instagram Feed to your site, so you can fill your website with visuals that put your textual content into context. News Blog Template
Here’s a template for a sophisticated, high-end blog. It has a distinct visual language, with big bold text and a bright shade of blue used to accentuate crucial details. The publications’ main themes are categorized and organized into separate sections in alternating gray and white strips, that you can view as you scroll down the homepage. An extra touch that could be useful for your own blog is the ‘Breaking News’ banner, where you can alert your readers of important updates, news items or promotions. Also, the menu at the top condenses as you scroll, reducing in size from a full-width menu to just a logo that stays in the corner and when clicked, sends readers back to the top of the page. This nifty design effect helps avoid clutter, so that your readers can focus on what’s important. Therapy Services Template
With a soothing color scheme and geometric design, this template reflects professionalism, making it ideal for therapists, psychologists, mental health experts and more. It offers you a simple yet effective way to present your skills and services, as well as a designated space to tell potential clients about yourself and your approach. Despite the minimalistic grid, the design isn’t dull for a moment, with subtle animated elements and spot-on typography. You can stick to the same font, or go for another one that better fits your tone. If you’re not sure which one to pick, you can read more about how to choose the best font for your website. Naturopath Template
This simple website template exudes tranquility. The design is welcoming, with neutral colors and a soothing video that greets you upon entering the site. You can also add in a photo of yourself so that your customers can get to know you right away and feel at ease. There’s a delicate use of parallax scrolling, adding elegance to the design. Whether you’re a natural health specialist, naturopathic doctor or alternative medicine practitioner, you can easily fill in your personal details and adapt the content. There’s also a built-in blog so that you can share you tips and expertise with the world. Barbershop Template
With a vintage look and feel, this template is ideal for salons, barbershops, fashion and beauty businesses. The color palette is nostalgic, with shades of orange and brown for the various elements, including the text, background and even the photographs themselves. There’s plenty of space to show off your best photos, so your shots will definitely be given the attention they deserve. Add images from your business on the top section of the homepage, as well as in the high quality gallery below. Provide information on your services and edit the ‘Contact’ section so that your site visitors can easily get in touch. All of this content appears on just one page, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. The Nail Lab Template
This template for a nail salon website manages to merge a refined style with bright playful shades to form an overall edgy design. If your nail salon, spa or make-up artist brand has a little kick to it, have a go at making this template your own. Add powerful images that reflect your services, combined with solid background colors for a punchy design. You can also list your treatments, providing site visitors with all the descriptions and details they’ll need. Your customers will be able to book an appointment right from your site with a built-in online scheduling tool, enabling you to easily manage your bookings directly from your site. Fashion Designer Template
Here’s a super trendy design for online retailers, fashion designers and clothing boutiques. There’s plenty of white space around the images and text, resulting in a clean and spacious design. The elements glide in one by one, creating a calm laid-back sensation, while enabling us to focus on each one individually. Impress your audience with a large powerful image right at the top, tempting them to take a closer look. Important links stay put as you scroll, so that visitors can access the menu, chat and your social channels at any point during browsing. The menu itself is a hamburger icon that opens out into a clean menu, making navigation simple. Opposite the menu icon is a cute little eye icon, which leads visitors directly to your press page, along with a wink. Jewelry Design Template
This chic template lets you showcase your designs in the utmost style. It’s great for jewelry designers, fashion stylists and any other types of online stores. The layout changes as you scroll down, from a sharp split-screen to fullscreen images and alayered collage style. Each of your images will be given the space it needs to stand out and make an impression on your visitors. The online store section also puts your pieces in the spotlight, with large images and a contemporary design. When adding your own products to the store, you can include multiple photos of each item so that your customers will enjoy the best service. Women Empowerment NGO Template
Promote your cause online with this powerful template, created for NGOs, nonprofit organizations and charities. You’ll also find a built-in blog where you can inform your readers about your mission and update them on any current issues. Place your most crucial content on the homepage and draw attention to it with vivid blocks of color and large text. Make sure your ‘Donate’ button stands out and remains visible wherever your visitors are situated on your site, by including it as part of your site’s menu. Customize the homepage with a bold statement image on the top fold and match it with equally bold text. Use a contrasting color, such as the template’s choice of white, to ensure your words have the desired effect. Elementary School Template
Give your school, university, youth organization, college or other academic institution an online presence with this inviting yet sophisticated template. Exude an ambience of learning with a large slideshow photo gallery on the first page and a professional color scheme. With this simple website template, you’ll be able to spread the word on any events you’re holding and allow your site visitors to register. There’s also a built-in blog to keep students, prospective students and parents up to date with the latest news. Customize the cafeteria menu section so that your students can prepare their meals in advance. Actor Portfolio Template
This template is bound to dazzle your fans, whether you’re an actor, model or performer. Your model portfolio website is your chance to impress potential customers or collaborators with a showreel of your best work and a professional photo gallery. Share your additional skills and experience in your resume section, and be sure to add a downloadable version of your CV. Keep your visitors on the same page throughout browsing, creating a seamless experience. You can do this by using anchor links that are already pre-set in the template, combined with a pop-up box for the resume section. Webinar Landing Page Template
If you’re a small business, professional agency or marketing firm that is running an event in the near future - this landing page offers a sleek way to get the word out there. Provide your guests with the relevant info, such as testimonials and what to expect from the event. In terms of the design, you can pick an atmospheric fullscreen shot for the top fold of your site to set the tone. Scrolling down this one-pager never gets boring, as each section’s unique layout ensures that the information is conveyed in the clearest and most aesthetic way. For an extra dose of inspiration, take a look at some of the best landing page examples out there.

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