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Take Bookings & Get Payments 24/7 with the Wix Bookings App!

While you’re busy running your business like a boss, your loyal customers want to book their next appointment. And why wouldn’t they? You’re great! So go ahead and focus on the client at hand and let Wix Bookings handle your scheduling.

The Wix Bookings App lets small business owners like you stay available 24/7 by allowing your customers to book and pay for your services online. Whether you’re a fitness trainer offering group sessions, a private tutor offering one on one lessons, a beauty specialist or a home service technician, with Wix Bookings you just got a personal assistant inside your website!

*This article was originally published on January 6th, 2016 and was updated on June 11th, 2019 with exciting and new Wix Bookings features. Check them out at the bottom.*

Manage a smarter schedule

Accept bookings 24/7 and never miss the opportunity to book an appointment. Your customers can find a time that best suits them right on your website, based on your set availability. To keep everything in one place, your Google calendar syncs to your Wix Bookings calendar so you can stay up-to-date on all of your devices.


Stay connected

If you’re worried about keeping track of all the new incoming appointments, don’t be. Once a customer makes an appointment, you’ll both receive an email notification. Tired of no-shows? Not to worry, automatic reminder emails will be sent to keep you and your clients on the ball.

Get paid in one click

Don’t waste precious time collecting payments during sessions, with Wix Bookings, you can accept secure payments via credit card through PayPal right on your website, commission- free. Talk about a one-stop shop!

Showcase your services

You can enjoy the Bookings App within any of our gorgeous templates that fit your unique business needs. Either choose a brand new template that has Wix Bookings already built-in or add it to your current site with the touch of a button.


Newest Wix Bookings features

Membership plans: Give your loyal customers unlimited access to your services for a set price with this feature. Doing so will provide you with a steady stream of revenue, allowing you to form a more consistent business model.

Packages: Start getting paid in advance while offering a variety of services to your clients at a marketable discount rate they won’t be able to resist.

Set of sessions: Whether it’s a course you’re planning, workshop, or tour, you can now attract more clients by enabling them to book an entire, exclusive program at once.


Coupons: It’s now possible to create your own, customized discount coupons - on both desktop and through the mobile app. You can then spread the word about your brand by marketing them on social, email, and directly through live chat.

Chat: Wix sites with live chat have been proven to increase bookings among users by 237%. By implementing this feature, you’ll be able to promote your services and generate more leads from real-time conversations with your visitors from any device.

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