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The 20+ Best Instagram Tools to Amplify Your Brand Presence

We’re all drawn to Instagram for different reasons. Yet, at the core we have more in common than we think. We want to grow our follower base, then we want to engage with and inspire them, and, lastly, we want to promote our websites, products, or other aspects of our brand. To build a foundation for yourself and your brand on this dominant social media channel, you can turn to many tools such as an Instagram schedulizer, a graphic design application for your content, a hashtag generator, and an analytics tracker. You’ll find all of this (and more!) below in this master list of the best Instagram tools: SnapseedAdobe Photoshop ExpressCanvaMagistoUnfoldAutohashHashtagifyBufferHootsuiteLaterSendibleCombinUpleapSocial InsightIconosquareShopping on InstagramFoursixtySoldsieRepost for InstagramBoomerang From instagramLinktree Content creation01. Snapseed This photo editing app by Google is at the top of its game. It comes with filters, fine-tuning options, cropping and all the works. Plus, it goes one step further. Unlike the other options you’ll find on the market, this one lets you apply changes to specific areas of your images using its resizable brush, such as fixing the exposure levels of someone’s face without overdoing the background color. As a result, you’ll be able to share professional photos very easily and at no cost to you. Get started here: Android app & iOS app

📷 02. Adobe Photoshop Express This is another photo editing app worth checking out, especially because it allows you to use the many advanced editing tools available from photoshop for free. Some of these include blemish removal, reducing color noise and correcting crooked images. On top of these capabilities, you’ll also be able to enjoy the more simple features, such as adding text to your images, creating collages, and applying filters. Get started here: Android app & iOS app

📷 03. Canva From editing photos to creating graphics or building collages on easy-to-use tools, Canva let’s you become your own graphic designer. With nearly a countless supply of fonts, frames, shapes, icons, and more, you’ll never get bored of creating content for your account. You can even set your brand colors and fonts for future use to keep the creative process flowing consistently at all times. Get started here: Website & Android app & iOS app

📷 04. Magisto With Magisto’s artificial intelligence technology, you can create professional and personal videos for social media right from your phone - all with very little effort on your part. Just upload video clips and images, choose an editing style, and finish off with the background music. Then, Magisto will automatically generate an Instagram-ready video for you in just minutes. Get started here: Android app & iOS app

📷 05. Unfold Instagram Stories have attracted over 300 million people and businesses worldwide. These viewers are looking for something special, too, beyond just browsing simple photos. Your Stories can undoubtedly make a wave with Unfold. This Instagram app allows you to create the most beautiful slides using their 150+ templates as well as numerous fonts to make your videos, photos, and text stand out. Get started here: Android app & iOS app

📷 Hashtags 06. Autohash With Autohash’s intelligent computer vision algorithms, you won’t have to rack your brain anymore to find relevant hashtags for your photos. Instead, Autohash does it for you by scanning your photos (and now your location) to find the most optimized ones for each of your posts. They also count and prioritize the top 30 hashtags, so you’ll never exceed your limit per photo. Get started here: Android app & iOS app

Pro Tip: While we’re on the subject of Hashtags, we recommend supplementing Autohash’s findings with some research of your own. Browse these popular Instagram hashtags to find the right ones for your brand.

📷 07. Hashtagify Originally a source for Twitter hashtags, this tool is also extremely useful for Instagram. It allows you to get a full breakdown of everything you need to know about a specific hashtag: How popular it is, weekly and monthly trends, related hashtags, top countries using it, and more. And if you don’t have a specific hashtag in mind, browse from their most popular hashtags section for inspiration. Get started here: Website

📷 Scheduling 08. Buffer This Instagram scheduler is among the most popular and highly recommended. Why? On top of having a free basic plan, you can schedule all of your content in advance from one place for both Instagram and your other social platforms. Even though it only allows you to schedule single-image posts, it sends you a reminder for each of your multi-image posts and videos so you can plan out all of your content ahead of time. And while you’re on the platform, you can also engage with your users and check in on your analytics. Get started here: Website & Android app & iOS app

📷 09. Hootsuite No matter what your scheduling initiatives are, Hootsuite probably has a solution to support them. Their efforts also go much further than Buffer. For starters, it’s possible to resize your images and preview your posts. Once your content goes live, measure your success beyond your engagement. Hootsuite provides a deep analysis of your competitors when you ‘follow’ them on the platform. This includes information about how their posts are performing and which hashtags play key roles in their success. Get started here: Website & Android app & iOS app

📷 10. Later Each of these Instagram schedulers have their own niche, so why Later? This tool focuses solely on Instagram, and by doing so it’s able to masterfully cater to the needs of this social channel. It has a visual content calendar set up just like your Instagram profile, so you can drag and drop images and see how they look side-by-side. It’s highly recommended if your brand image is crucial to you, or even if you just want to create a large grid image across multiple posts. Get started here: Website & Android app & iOS app

📷 11. Sendible This last Instagram scheduler is on the list because it has it all: Schedule posts from Instagram and other social platforms (including videos), collaborate with your team, view analytics, implement social listening and upload media directly from Dropbox or your Google Drive. One exceptional feature is its Canva integration, which allows you to create content like a true designer straight from their platform. Get started here: Website & Android app & iOS app

📷 Engagement 12. Combin If you’re looking to grow your audience organically, try out this Instagram tool. After typing in your hashtag and/or location of choice, follow, comment on, or like - en masse - relevant posts based on this particular shared interest. Doing so will allow you to reach more people in a short amount of time as well as gain exposure to new followers and potential customers. Get started here: Website

📷 13. Upleap How cool would it be to have a personal assistant that takes care of growing your audience base for you based on your intended results? It’s not a dream, it’s right in front of you! With Upleap, you’ll work with an account manager whose job it is to find you the right followers that will engage with your content as well as get you noticed through commenting on significant posts and viewing relevant Stories. If you’re clear on your goals - but don’t have the time to swipe through your feed all day - this is a quick fix. Get started here: Website

📷 Analytics 14. Social Insight This tool is great for accessing truly insightful data about nearly every aspect of your Instagram account. You can find the most practical statistics here, such as your change in followers, engagement rate, and average likes per post. You’ll also find less expected insights like top photo and video filters and optimal time to post. Beyond analytics, this tool serves many other marketing purposes, from being a post scheduler to allowing you to add multiple Instagram accounts to creating separate logins for multi-user teams. Get started here: Website

📷 15. Iconosquare Beyond the basic analytics, this Instagram tool dives deep into the platform to give you the most useful insights possible. Included within is ultra-specific data about your followers, from their location to which languages they speak to how big of an influence they have. Beyond followers, the data also helps you understand which links and hashtags are performing the best on your profile. Even learn which times are best to publish Stories and posts. Get started here: Website & Android app & iOS app

📷 Ecommerce 16. Shopping on Instagram A very new and exciting Instagram feature was released to allow businesses and influencers to sell directly to their customers from within the application. This means that you can do everything in one place, from the marketing all the way through the purchase process. Yet it’s not available to everyone, only selected countries and Instagram Business account users. To see if it applies to you, you can learn more about Shopping on Instagram here. Get started here: Website

📷 17. Foursixty Since Instagram’s shopping feature isn’t available to everyone and still has its limits, Foursixty came up with a very reliable solution. The platform turns your Instagram feed into a store by tagging direct shopping links on each post or Instagram Story slide. Beyond your own posts, you can also work with influencers, UGC (user generated content), and gifting programs. For all of these, it’s just one click away for your customers to get more product details, and shop your fully integrated online store. Combined with analytics and other performance metrics, you have everything you need to start selling. Get started here: Website & iOS app

📷 18. Soldsie There’s another alternative to selling your products through Instagram. By using comments, Soldsie allows you to sell items when customers comment with the word ‘sold’ on one of your posts. This idea of ‘comment selling’ is quite genius too, as it will improve your engagement rate and attract other followers to also shop. Plus, if you have a Facebook Business Page, you can utilize this feature there too, while paying only one single price for the use of both channels. Get started here: Website & iOS app

📷 Other Instagram hacks 19. Repost for Instagram Since Instagram is one of the few social channels that doesn’t come with an embedded ‘share’ button, this nifty app invented a hack for it. All you have to do is copy the link from the post you want to share into the ‘Repost for Instagram’ application, then follow the steps to add it to your Instagram Story or feed. Doing so will allow you to hold onto the content you love, as well as engage even more with your followers. Get started here: Android app & iOS app

📷 20. Boomerang From instagram Boomerangs are short clips that play forward, then in reverse, on an infinite loop - and it’s nothing short of addicting to watch. By taking a burst of photos as the designated person or object moves, this Instagram tool compiles them into a ‘boomerang’ creation. Instagram has this setting, too, yet it’s only available for their Stories feature. So, if you want to share a boomerang in a post, this app is calling your name. Get started here: Android app & iOS app

📷 21. Linktree With Instagram, you only have one chance to link to your website, online store, Facebook page, or other chosen location. Yet, you might want to include all of them, and feel torn when it comes to deciding which one is the most important. With Linktree you don’t have to. By using one super link in your bio, browsers will be able to access all of your links without leaving the application. You can even include your phone number, email address, other social channels and more. Among many more features included within this insightful tool, you’ll also be able to track the total clicks per link.

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