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Why Live Chat Is Critical for Your Online Success

Live chat can be found on almost every website today - but why? Well, instant messaging has become the standard form of communication. Think: texting, private messaging on social media, probably your work-based chat system, and other outlets. This incredibly convenient solution has certainly worked for social purposes, so what business owner wouldn’t want to reap the benefits of expanding the technology to customer support, marketing promotions, and other promising profits? After all, the engagement possibilities are practically calling your name. So, if a bright light bulb just turned on above your head, then consider the following reasons why live chat is important for your website and overall business.

But first, it’s not just any live chat solution that will allow you to prosper. You want to choose strategically and go with one that enables you to do business smarter. Ascend Chat by Wix, for example, comes with many integrated benefits, like in-depth customer insights, automatable options, product attachment capabilities, and more.

This chat feature is also part of a broader business management solution equipped with everything you need to run a business: email marketing, an inbox and contact manager, marketing and selling essentials, tools to increase work productivity, and more. You’ll see below how all of this can manifest into you running a smooth and successful business from the moment a customer enters your website. Here are 9 proven reasons why you need chat on your site.

Embrace the future of websites

Become a faster responder

Let your website work for you 24/7

Show off your personality

Make your customers feel royal

Gain deep insights about your visitors

Promote your products more effectively

Close deals quicker

Start a long-term relationship

01. Embrace the future of websites

Today, website visitors expect to find a chat feature on almost every site they enter, especially when you’re a consumer-focused business. In fact, we conducted a research study of our users who installed chat on their Wix websites. The findings? A 300% increase in sales and bookings conversions amongst the top five percentile of them.

So, if you are looking to connect with your customers and generate successful relationships and sales in the future, you should highly consider adding a chat option. It’s convenient, it’s necessary, and it can be hassle-free (as we'll discuss in the steps to come). But most importantly, note that being where your customers expect you to be is one of the first steps towards allowing your business to grow and prosper - no matter what product or service you sell.

02. Become a faster responder

The reason customers are flocking to chat is that it provides them with almost immediate access to a support agent. For your business, this means that replying in a timely manner is expected of you if you plan to offer a live chat service. On top of this, we found that 63% of Wix users who responded to chats from customers in under 30 seconds sparked a meaningful conversation.

It’s evident that being available more often is one excellent way to build customer trust. In order to do that, utilize the notifications available through the Wix Chat feature. From the moment a new visitor enters your website, sends you a message, fills out a contact form or other engaging actions, you will be notified.

You’ll never skip a beat because notifications can be received via email, on your desktop through your Web browser, and even pushed to your mobile device through our app. Then, no matter which device you’re on, you’ll be able to respond right away. That can be from the user dashboard of your website or within the app. Ultimately, you will be able to get back to your customers in real time, even while you’re on-the-go.

03. Let your website work for you 24/7

It’s great to be able to respond to customers every hour of the day, anytime they decide to enter your website. However, you surely have other priorities too - and yes, sleep also counts as one of those. If you aren’t around, this doesn’t mean your chat has to stop working its customer service magic. The solution: automations. In other words, let us take care of responding for you when you simply can’t.

We found that users users that installed automations have increased their site traffic by 151%. It’s simple for you to achieve successful results too. Starting from your ‘Chat Settings,’ you can create automated responses to are delivered to your visitors the moment they enters your site as well as sends you the first contact message. This can be in the form of a personalized written response, or a lead capture form.

Lead capture forms allow you to receive key details from your site visitors, like their email, name, and phone number. Then they will automatically be saved as a contact, so that you can begin to personalize your responses and build relationships with them from the moment you have time to chat back.

You’ll also be able to set-up saved replies, enabling you to cut back on the time spent responding to commonly asked questions or simply get your brand wording to a T. Overall, you will be able to respond to visitors immediately, showing them that you’re there for them every step of the way. And ultimately, this increases the chances that those conversations will lead to conversions.

04. Show off your personality

Brands today are expected to act like humans: to laugh at jokes, not to respond like robots, and to express personality. One way to differentiate yourself from your competition is to set a brand voice and tone, and then using it across your business, especially in these one-on-one conversations with your customers. Depending on your industry, you’re probably aware of the level of humor and jokes you can provide. But, are you aware that you should show off your style visually everywhere too, including your chatbox?

With our chat feature, it’s possible to completely customize your chatbox from colors to design, and even add your brand’s logo or profile picture (preferable if you have multiple service agents that you want to distinguish). And the top 10% of brands that have personalized their logo experienced 97% more chat messages according to our research - another reason to adapt your site to fit your brand’s personality.



05. Make your customers feel royal

Something about chat is far more natural in consumers’ eyes than an email. Due to the real time conversation pace, it allows you to provide an immediate connection with your customers, on a personal level. It’s not just about response time though. More importantly, a lasting connection that keeps customers coming back for more is the result of personalized conversations. We noticed that among our users, as many have been able to increase repeat visitors by up to 278%. That’s because chat factors in what’s important for forming meaningful connections, such as addressing customers by their name, bringing up relevant past conversations, and understanding from where and how they are reaching out to you.

How will you provide such tailor made responses? One important step to make sure this is possible is to obtain contact details from each customer the first time they enter your website via a lead capture form (mentioned above). This will automatically save them as a contact, giving you access to their name, email, phone number, and other specific details. Then, you’ll be able to browse each one’s full chat history with your company, and other forms of communication, like past order and booking history via the Inbox feature of your Wix site. Furthermore, you’ll receive real time stats, like what device they’re using, where they’re located, and how much time they spend on your pages. All of this key information allows you to enhance your support experience by responding to customers with exactly the information they are looking for - and of course, making them feel like kings and queens.

06. Gain deep insights about your visitors

The previously mentioned information not only allows you to provide personalized responses to your customers, but also to gain deeper insights to improve their experience with your business. For example, knowing what pages are visited most will help you structure your website accordingly, putting certain products and services first, or promoting the right ones to the right consumers. Also, being aware of where your audience is coming from will allow you to tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly, factor in shipping costs, language preferences, and more. And having knowledge of which devices are commonly used will help you strengthen the mobile or desktop version of your website to suit users needs by redesigning the most commonly visited pages and making them more accessible.

Essentially, the more details you have about your customers, the better you can be as a business from enhancing your customer service to website user experience and other administrative responsibilities.

07. Promote your products more effectively

Live chat not only enables you to help with support, but also market your products to your customers. While conversing with them through Ascend Chat by Wix, it’s possible to send linked products to browse (and hopefully purchase) - a strategy worth considering as it’s enabled users to generate an average of 71% more sales. And if you want to take this one step further, you can improve your chances of selling your products by easily creating coupons from your user dashboard, then sending them to customers over chat.

Combine these marketing opportunities with strategically basing your actions off of the real time stats you’re aware of about your customers (what pages they’re browsing, where they’re located, past purchase history, and more), and you’ll have the optimal recipe for product marketing success.



08. Close deals quicker

While you’re responding to customers via chat from your desktop, you can take your conversation up a notch and close deals faster. When you utilize the Inbox feature of your Wix site’s user dashboard to chat with customers, you can simultaneously handle other business tasks that make the entire sale process run smoother and more efficient than ever before. This includes everything from taking payments and booking services to sending price quotes and invoices, and finally, following through with shipping and tracking information. In other words, you’ll have everything you need to market and sell your products and services under one umbrella.

09. Start a long-term relationship

Chatting is a great place to begin conversations with customers and help them with quick favors. As we’ve covered, this can be everything from the expected customer support to strategically closing deals. However, consider this just the start of a strong, long-term relationship you hope to build with each of your customers.

By receiving each customers’ key contact details, you’ll be able to reach out to them over email - either from your user dashboard or by connecting your Gmail account. (Doing so will also benefit you, as businesses that use the Gmail integration get 11% more replies from users.) The way you choose to contact customers might be a prompted email response to an action they took, such as thanking them for a purchase or ask for their feedback. If that’s the case, note that those kinds of repetitive responses are possible to automate via Ascend Automations by Wix. This will save you time and ensure that you won’t forget to contact customers during the most pivotal moments of building relationship foundations.

For other marketing emails, you can utilize Email Marketing, to send easy-to-make, customizable messages to your mailing list for any occasion - from promoting your products to holiday greetings, and more. A solution that may increase your site traffic by up to a colossal 783%.

Overall, all of these relationship building measures will ensure that customers will consider returning to do business with you in the future.

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